Coaching & Healing Services*

Here are a few of our most popular services. If you don’t see a service that you need or want, just contact us to see if we offer it for you.

Spiritual Coaching

We help you by looking at your past lives and examine what Karma that you have brought in your present life. This help you understand the challenges that you currently have within your life and how to live with it in order to release it.

Transformational & Life Coaching

Our life coaching helps you understand what obstacles that you have created in order to understand them so that they can be released and healed. Depending upon he severity of the obstacles and your willingness to heal, that you have created, it could take up to one year to complete your healing.

Spiritual Counseling

I treat the intelligence of your physical, mental, emotional, energetic life force energy, soul, auric fields and cellular structure of your multi-dimentional bodies in order to effect a complete healing in you.

Soul Retrieval

A part of our soul fragments when you are under a lot of stress, this causes an imbalance in our physical, emotional and mental bodies. This gives us a feeling of non-belonging, lost, and not feeling whole or complete. It’s as if we know something is missing but we don’t know what it is?

Soul Retrieval is the process where fragmented parts of your soul exits the body due to severe stress, harassment, negative impact experience and even bullying. We will re-join the fragmented parts of your soul to make you feel whole again functional in your world around you again.

Past Life Regression

Past life regression involves the recalling of major issues and challenges of past lifetimes that were incomplete and now have been brought forward in this lifetime to be healed and released. These obstacles left incomplete from these past lifetimes can affect us adversely physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and on the cellular level creating chaos in our life.

Some symptoms are recurring negative relationships, physical ailments, depression, anxiety, additions, frequent job instability, It is also symptomatic of not being understood, feeling lost and the like the proverbial “square peg in a round whole”.

This healing of this process will leave you feeling like you are given a new lease on life! And can be likened to, you are an artist, with a blank canvas and can now design, outline and fill in the color to your life.

Time Line Therapy

Time Line Therapy examines the impacted events of our life that creates disempowering negative patterns, preventing you from being all that you can be. It involves going back to specific key moments in your current life history that have created an emotional block that has far reaching effects, including, but not limited to physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s important to note that 94% of our mental processing and thinking come from our subconscious mind, that we’re not aware of while 6% comes from our conscious decision making. So it’s imperative that we address your subconscious in order to have complete and effective change.

Through a process designed to release these incidences on the conscious and unconscious levels and eliminating patterns that are detrimental to your life that allows your to heal and achieve the life that you desire.


Hypnotherapy is the process where you access the hidden aspects and detrimental belief systems of your mind in order to become re-empowered to achieve your life’s goals.

It’s been used successfully to treat many additions like over-eating, smoking, alcohol/drug problems, as well as relationship abuse and other repetitive relationship related issues.

It can also positively affect systematic depression, anxiety, abandonment, low self worth, low self esteem, reclusiveness, hording and other self destructive behaviors.

Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

TGT is the process whereby literally and figuratively tapping into the physical body where emotions that are inhibiting our growth and allows those inhibitions to release and heal. The net result is the physical and emotional healing that now frees you from your emotional blocks acquired in this lifetime and stored in this lifetime.

Energetic/Vibrational Frequency Healing

Energetic/vibrational frequency healing can best be described by best working at the quantum cellular level. It is necessary to realize that all of our experiences are based on an electromagnetic field. This field transmits energy into our cellular structure at a quantum level. This can explain why we have the anxiety of the fight or flight syndrome, panic attacks, rising blood pressure, headaches, imbalances of serotonin in our brains, certain diseases and other detrimental maladies.
It also has positive effects to achieve specific goals in our lives. For example:

  • improved  golf swing
  • baseball swing
  • specific athletic movements
  • memory retention
  • deja vu
  • healing and prophetic dreaming
  • manifestation

This process is achieved by the practitioner communicating directly to the cellular intelligence that is involved in order to affect positive healing and energetic changes.

* I would like to discuss the ethics of healing. It is important for all of us to realize that when I am privileged to work with someone who has a physical or mental or emotional malady I speak with their soul and ask what is the best way for me to facilitate the healing in their life. It is also necessary to know that I am merely an instrument of God The True Source. Therefore, all healings that take place are the result of the following: first, the soul must be willing to be healed, which is not always the case as some souls are finished with their lives and it is time for them to leave or there are certain karmic lessons to be learned. Secondly, once the soul in combination with the oversoul has allowed the healing to take place; I then work with the energies, frequencies and vibrations of God The True Source to facilitate a perfect healing.
I have run across some souls who have related to me that it is a karmic lesson for them to learn concerning this illness or they do not wish to be healed because they enjoy the attention or their wishing to punish someone or themselves. It is not up to me to judge what is right or wrong concerning the reason and choice, but rather to respect the wishes of the soul as to whether or not they receive healing. I have also run across souls who have flatly said no one can heal them and they are 100% correct. It is best to remember that we are given free will and free choice as part of our life force energy and heritage and therefore we are ultimately in charge. To quote Henry Ford, “ If you think you can do a thing or you think you can’t do a thing, You’re Right !”