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“If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed. If you think in terms of ten years, plant a tree. If you think in terms of one hundred years, teach the people.”

Raised by a widowed mother, growing up was challenging. As the last of six children, I never had guidance or a positive male role model in my life. Therefore, I became a product of my environment. I emulated the older heads regarding lifestyle choices and relationship management. I had no idea what being a man truly meant; I was lost with no direction.

One day it finally downed on me. If I continued down the path I was heading; I would end up dead or in prison. My source of inspiration came from watching my mother struggle to provide for my siblings and me. In December of 2013, I decided to become a Commercial Real Estate Agent. Until that point in my life, I worked diligently for years but failed to achieve my goals or make any progress. I thought, “There must be a better way.” My burning desire was to make it big to retire my mom and marry my then Fiancé.

As I became an adult, others told me that I was a natural-born leader and a strong individual, but after years of failure, life eventually got to me. That caused my wounds and childhood trauma to emerge profoundly. I fell into a deep depression and found myself in a very dark place. I resorted to alcohol abuse to numb the pain. That only proved detrimental to myself, my loved ones, and those around me.

It was not until my childhood sweetheart left me that I hit rock bottom mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Being with someone for Eleven Years, and just like that, they are gone, was agonizing. It was as if a part of me had died. It left a significant void in my heart that nothing else could fill. In the two weeks following the break-up, I slept maybe 10 hours. I was devastated and broken. As I soaked in the hurt, I heard a soft voice whisper, “Do it. The pain that you are feeling can subside. Drink until you can’t anymore, and the pain will disappear.”

I decided that my life would not end like that! I refused to allow that moment to define the rest of my life. One morning around 3 AM, I could not sleep, so I decided to meditate. While meditating, the most incredible thing happened! I asked the Universe, why was I alive? Why did everything in my life always leave or fall apart? A few seconds later, it happened. I saw a bolt of light streak through my mind proclaiming, “SPEAK!” Terrified, I immediately jumped out of bed. Amid the chaos, all was clear. At that moment, I knew what I would spend the rest of my life doing.

I finally found my purpose and decided to use my pain to help others heal theirs by using my natural gifts. As I reflect in hindsight, the heartbreak and pain I endured was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. It gave me the push I needed to finally do the inner work I had neglected my entire life. The Universe has a strange way of getting us back on track; we must take heed and listen. Otherwise, the pain and suffering we go through to help us grow and become our best selves go to waste. Nothing in life happens by chance. Everything we experience happens for a reason; it’s up to us to recognize it.

" The cave you fear to enter holds the treasures you seek."


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